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When a group of sun loving, health enthusiasts and beach crazy friends couldn’t find a high quality tanning product that not only fitted in with their lifestyle, but also their beliefs and values, they started the search for one that did…

Being parents and animal lovers, they understood the associated risks of spending hours in the sun and therefore understood the importance of searching the globe to source the safest and most effective tanning products available. This is where the amazing journey of the Spatan family started!

We live in a culture of now. As always-on consumers, we want instant gratification. And your tan is no different!  As one of South Africa’s leading distributors of self tan tanning products, Spatan is committed to providing high quality, easy to use, safe tanning solutions for an even, natural tan regardless of the season. Working with your body’s own melanin, you can say goodbye to hours in the sun.

We understand that not everyone tans the same way, so we’re always on the look out for innovative new products to add to our range so you get your tan, your way.

For a tan that lasts for months, have a look at your choices in our shop!



Spatan is a luxury lifestyle product. You look good, you feel good.

So why Spatan over any other brand?

  • We’re the market leaders – we make sure that our products are safe, use only the highest quality ingredients and are easy to use.
  • No messy streaking, orange hands or exposure to UV rays on the sunbed.
  • Flexibility – tan your way, in your own time by choosing the product that suits your lifestyle best. Increased libido – share the love!
  • Decreased appetite and fat burning properties – there’s the “look good, feel good” again.
  • Lasting tan – even if you stop using the product, your tan will last for months without fading like a natural tan does.


Choose your tan, your way


If you’re a busy executive or someone who simply doesn’t have time to spend hours in the sun but still wants the Bali holiday tan, then the Injectable Pen is perfect for you.  Our product that works the quickest, you’re in complete control of how deep your tan is.


“I was really excited to discover Spatan. My skin is naturally pale and sun exposure isn’t ideal, so to find a product that is effective and safe is a win-win. After using it for a few weeks, I developed – and still have – a beautiful even toned golden tan and maintaining it is easy. It has definitely made me feel a whole lot more healthy and confident. It is super easy to use!  If you want an even toned tan this Winter or an all year long golden glow without damaging your skin in the process, then this is the product for you. Spatan is one of the highest quality products and definitely worth investing in!”


In the build up to your big day, a special event or if you want to build your tan slowly, we recommend our tanning patches. Easy to use, simply apply one a day two weeks before you go into the sun and get picture perfect. Develop your tan while you’re sleeping, it’s that easy.


“I started using Spatan Accelerator Patches a few days before going on a beach holiday. I applied two patches every night, rotating between both arms, then both legs. I continued throughout my holiday. It was incredible! I did not burn once but got progressively darker. They also worked extremely well in maintaining my tan afterwards with less sun exposure. I was very impressed.”


Our flagship products – the nasal sprays – contain the highest quality ingredients to build and maintain your tan all year round. Perfect for those that tan easily, but don’t want to spend hours baking in the sun


“Spatan Nasal Spray has been a life saver! I used to spend hours in the sun tanning to get the same results I get now in 10 minutes of sun exposure. I never burn and I always have and even and healthy tan all year round. Thank you Spatan for giving me the tan I’ve always dreamed of.”


This is the product for you if you have sensitive skin that burns rather than tans. With minimal time needed to activate the ingredients, you can achieve a natural looking tan that lasts for months without the burn.


“I have sensitive skin that burns red very easily. It takes me a long time to turn the slightest shade of brown. This product has taken a little longer to take effect with me compared to others that have been using it. Finally I get to reap its benefits and have a lovely healthy bronze glow. Something I never get to experience. The bonus with using Spatan is that I don’t ever burn red even without sunblock, just go a lovely brown colour. Nothing feels as good as rocking a bronze tan.”


Get your hands on our high quality, luxury 1.4m x 95 cm towel. Perfect for the beach or the pool.


Keep your luxury injectable pen and order your refill when you need to top up your tan.


Like fruit salad and ice cream, Netflix and chill or Thelma and Louise – some things are better together! Choose from our combo options and save.

  • Single Strength Nasal Spray & Towel
  • Double Strength Nasal Spray & Towel
  • Spatan Patches & Towel
  • Two Spatan Patches
  • One Double Strength Nasal Spray & One Single Strength Nasal Spray
  • One Double Strength Nasal Spray & One Patches
SPATAN Revive Tissue Oil


Containing only plant oils and extracts, Spatan Revive Tissue Oil offers a natural solution to promoting skin health, hydration and elasticity. With over 20 natural ingredients – more than double your average tissue oil – the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and cellulite.  The perfect product to complete your skincare routine and to lock in your tan after exposure to the sun.

For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.