Frequently Asked Questions

What is SPATAN Self-tanning products?

A self-tanning product range that was created with one of a kind ingredients, creating a spectacular formula which includes Melatonin II

What is the Melanotan II in SPATAN Self-tanning product range?

The active ingredient inside SPATAN, Melanotan II, is a synthetic chemical that has been developed for tanning of the skin and offers a safer alternative to sunbathing or utilising tanning beds.

Who Developed The SPATAN Product?

The product was developed by the University of Arizona by a Dermatologist studying the safety and effectiveness of Alpha MSH which was modified into the Melanotan II we continuously refer to.

Why is SPATAN self-tanning products better than regular tanning?

There is a fine line between tanning and harmful cancer-causing, burning of the skin.  SPATAN requires minimal UV exposure and will work effectively without enforced sun bathing.

How long does a SPATAN tan last?

A SPATAN induced tan, unlike regular tanning, will last for months after usage has stopped entirely.

Do I have to sun tan / bathe?

SPATAN’s formulation is based on a minimal UV exposure ideal. 

This means that SPATAN works with very normal exposure to the sun and does not require harmful and extensive sunbathing or sunbeds to provide you with your desired results.

Are there any benefits to using SPATAN Self-tanning products?

SPATAN’s Self-tanning product range contains Melanotan II has several properties.


  • Minimal UV Exposure:  Melanotan 2 still requires exposure to sunlight to be effective, however it requires significantly less time to develop a tan than without the peptide.
  • Flexibility:  Users can take a small loading dose and continue dosing until they reach their desired pigmentation, after which time they only need to dose once every couple of weeks to keep the same pigment.
  • Increased Libido
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Fat Burning Properties
  • Lasting Tan:  Even if the dosage is stopped entirely, a warm tan can last for months on end without exposure to the sun. By contrast, tans developed naturally fade in around a month.

What are the side effects of using SPATAN?

There are few side effects which have been experienced as a result of taking SPATAN Self-tanning products.  Some to be noted include:

Decreased appetite
Frequent yawning

It is worth stating that the majority of users experience little to no side effects while using SPATAN.

Does SPATAN increase libido?


During the Study of Melanotan at the University of Arizona, it was confirmed that trial users experienced improved erectile function.

As a result of this discovery, Bremelanotide (found in Melanotan II) was isolated and is also sold as a patented and licensed drug for erectile dysfunction.

Can I take SPATAN if it makes me nauseous?

Try to take your dosage before bed, and if this does not work, take your dosage with a genuine anti-histamine product.

Who should not use the product?

SPATAN is not intended and must under no circumstances be used  by the following persons:

  • Not for persons under the age of 18 years
  • Not for diabetics
  • Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Not for persons who have a history with skin conditions or who have irregular moles, who had moles mapped or who has exposed birthmarks
  • Not for persons who have or do exhibit hyper-pigmentation in any way, shape or form
  • Not for persons who have experienced any cardiac dysrhythmia
  • Not to be used by persons who are taking Roaccutane or its generics
  • Not to be taken by any person who is epileptic or who has experienced seizures

How long should I keep a bottle of SPATAN Nasal Spray?

Once purchased, use within 12 weeks.