Customer Testimonials

Day 11 of using & could not recommend it more. I’ve gotten a beautiful tan in only a few days with minimal sun exposure! I haven’t suffered with any side effects as mentioned on their website. If you’re looking for a great product that works and can give you that summer glow, is definitely for you.

Tate Keet

My lifestyle means being on the go 25 hours a day, between running 3 businesses and competing at very high level means little down time, or me time.

In my mid thirties my skin health is a massive priority, Spatan has allowed me to have that year round glow without the damage of UV rays.

Funny how much confidence a ray of sunshine can give you, and self confidence is a super power.

Lil Kimble

I used to have to bake for hours in the sun trying to get a nice tan, but as we get older (and wiser) lying for hours in the sun is just not a safe option and I also just don’t have the time anymore. I was a little skeptical when I first heard of Spatan but honestly it’s the best thing ever! There are no side effects except obviously the lovely bronze tan and I have never felt better. All the benefits of having a nice tan without any of the nasty side effects of baking in the sun ❤❤

Rowan Zunckel

I’ve always loved being brown, but it takes me hours of time in the sun to catch a tan, then a after my daughter was born, I struggled with acute acne and pigmentation and it was clear that my sun tanning days were behind me.

But I still wanted my tan! Thank God for spatan, because of this amazing product I can still have my summer tan without the dangerous, acne intensifying hours in the sun.

Tayne Paton

Spatan Nasal Spray has been a lifesaver. I used to spend hours in the sun tanning to get the same result I get now in 10 minutes of sun exposure. I never burn, and I always have an even and healthy tan all year round. Thank you Spatan for giving me the tan I always dreamt of!

Angie Roux

This product is unlike any I’ve used before with all the results and none of the pain or side effects . No nausea , no hot flushes, no pain, no needles and all the benefits.

Its assisted me with my appetite during my Competition preparation and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Skye Powell

I have sensitive skin that burns red very easily. It takes me a long time to turn the slightest shade of brown.

This product has taken a little longer to take effect with me compared to others that have been using it. Finally I get to reap its benefits and have a lovely healthy bronze glow. Something I never get to experience.

The bonus with using Spatan is that I don’t ever burn red even without sunblock just go a lovely brown colour.
Nothing feels as good as rocking a bronze tan.

Arenea Becker

I am an extremely busy individual. When I am not at the office I am at the gym…and when I am not at either of those places I do my best to spend time with the people I love. Using Spatan allows me to glow and feel like a goddess all year round without having to spend hours in the sun.

Demi Lee Kriel